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The History of Max & Otis Designs

I've spent most of my life as an architect - starting with my first mechanical drawing class in 7th grade, 4 years of design and drafting in high school, 5 years of architecture school, 4 years as an intern and the last 15 years (as of 2014) as a licensed architect in commercial retail architecture.

My tag line is "unique gifts by a short-attention span crafter"... that's how my shop started out. I really liked making things but didn't really NEED all the stuff I was making so I had to sell it. I never made a lot of one thing, sometimes one or two, maybe 6 at the most, of any one item. It was a lot of work to photograph and upload and try to sell my things so mostly I gave things away as gifts and never really sold much on my website.

But then I had a kid and started designing things for her - birthday party invitations, decorations, simple things like that. Then came the endless birthday party gifts needed so I started making t-shirts with rhinestones, playdate cards, stickers and other stuff. Then my cousin asked me to design an invitation for her daughter. And a neighbor asked for a cupcake wrapper design. Then my daughter became a Daisy Scout and I became her troop leader and we needed certificates and name tags and thank you cards and more.

I didn't have time to "craft" things anymore but I was still designing and adding all of these designs to my site along the way and they started selling. Then strangers would request designs and it started to snowball.

When I got laid off for the THIRD time as an architect, my daughter was in school by then so I had TIME finally. And I realized I had way more fun doing graphic design than architecture and could finally pursue my shop as an actual career rather than just a hobby.

And that's where I'm at right now. All of that architecture training hasn't gone to waste - design has the same principals no matter if it's a retail building, house or printable invitation or a cupcake wrapper. So here's to my new career as a graphic designer and (still) part-time crafter.

I still make craft for gifts (my craft stash is still huge!) but it's rare for anything I craft to make it into my shop. If you happen to see something I've made that you'd really like, your best shot is being a good friend and inviting me to your party so you'l receive one as a gift.Max & Otis

Thanks for shopping!


PS. If you're wondering who are Max & Otis, that's them over there - they were my sister's mini Chihuahuas. The were pups when I started this site but they both passed away in 2013 at the age of 10. My sister has a new puppy named Abby but I don't think I"ll be renaming my website anytime soon.

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